We were lucky enough to be joined by leading foodie instagrammers and bloggers on Sunday and it was like watching the paparazzi at a Lady Gaga concert ... lights, camera and loads of action!

Coming in with absolutely no expectations and leaving with extremely high reviews of our food, service and sophisticated style, the crew chowed down to a smorgasbord of our tasty morsels.  On serving up all-time favourites like our crusted miso tuna and flashed calamari small plates, to the garlic lamb cutlets and crispy Asian pork belly "All About Me" larger plates, the cameras came out and the plates were poked, prodded and photographed.  A spectacle for us and all our dining on-lookers.  The highlight of the day had to be the whole lamb shoulder and the quirky presentation atop two tomato tins also didn't go unnoticed! 

Chef's gone troppo since the group's rave reviews and has decided to serve the lamb as a "Sunday Signature Special".  It's served for 2 or more with sides of potatoes, greens and salsa fresca for a bank balance friendly price of only $60!

And here you were thinking your days of grabbing a granny were gone!  Not for a few months of Sundays at least!   Hang her apron, chauffeur her into The Avenue and treat her to a family Sunday roast like no other!

Please just do us a favour.....hashtag those pics!  #theavenuesurfers #grannysrule

Cindy Jensen