All about our TANKS!

We wanted our beer to be as fresh as our new venue, so Brewery Fresh Carlton Draught Tank Beer was an obvious option to have on tap!

You can’t miss the polished copper tanks when walking through our doors.  Some patrons believe they’ve been purpose built as art pieces, others sit with questionable looks on their faces whilst trying to determine their purpose. 

Unpasteurised beer….the tanks are full of it!  Unlike other beers, it hasn’t been heated to 70 degrees during the brewing process, it’s decanted straight from the tank and transported in chilled delivery tankers straight from the brewery.  It's also designed to be consumed within 14 days of we mean it when we say we've got the freshest beer in town!  (We must say we feel pretty damn special too, being one of only four places in Queensland selected to serve.)

So next time you're in, ask for a Carlton Draught coldie - you'll taste the difference!

Cindy Jensen