Live Jazz at The Avenue

Sunday 20th August The Avenue will be hosting The Youngkeys Live from 3.00 pm for a Sunday afternoon to remember.

The Avenue is the heart of entertainment in Surfers Paradise and have done so since 1984.

At last the Jazz Quartet you’ve been waiting for…. The Youngkeys bring the joy of jazz to the Gold Coast, influenced by such great jazz pianists like Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett. Four amazing musicians bringing you their unique delivery of fabulous Jazz tunes such as ‘Autumn Leaves’ & ‘Summertime’, and from ‘Night & Day’ to ‘Moondance’ and much more music that will move you.

Music is what feelings sound like! Let The Youngkeys stir those feelings! “

Jazz is an attitude..a challenge to establishment…a different point of view…a portal of new discovery…a hybrid of all that has been, from Chopin to Jarrett, from jungle drums to theremin. It lives in the now and reaches for future collective consciousness without words in the universal language of vibrational energy”

Michael RussoThe Avenue